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What's‚Äč the "tea" on Rosemary & Hemp?

(Customer Experiences)

My Calendula & Lavender Body Butter was everything. After a long week I took some time to do some selfcare. I enjoyed your butter, it moisturizes so well I don't have to use it everyday. I usually shower and apply the body butter every other day. Thank you for this awesome product!

AL -Raleigh, NC

After using the Calendula & Lavender Body Scrub my skin felt as smooth as butter.  I love this scrub! 

Laura -Durham, NC 

I use the Elder C tea with Elderberries and Hibiscus and my skin loves it! I started taking it for immunity but it does wonders for my acne!! 

Haley S. -Raleigh, NC 

Hope you are well. The Vitality Hair & Beard Growth oil works wonders, if you ever make a bigger bottle let me know!!

Rhomesha P. -Charlotte, NC 

Your teas helped me fight off a cold.  I am so thankful!  I started feeling bad one evening and decided to start drinking your detox tea.  I was relieved that after my 3rd or 4th cup I started feeling much better. 

Rick H. _Raleigh, NC 

The custom heart tea you made for my swelling legs did the job!! 

Will G. -Durham, NC

Your products are TOP TIER!!

Jeannique I. -Vallejo, CA

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Thank you for your recent visit. At Rosemary & Hemp Botanicals we specialize in handcrafted, organic, small batch herbal blends...  herbal infused body oils, body butters, body scrubs, lip balms, herbal teas, herbal tinctures, herbal butters, spices, etc.  Our mission is to sale ethically sourced herbs and herbal products that work with our bodies therapeutically. We offer affordable options for preventive health and wellness.

Rosemary & Hemp LLC

Raleigh, NC

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