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About Rosemary & Hemp Botanicals...

an herbal apothecary

Rosemary & Hemp Botanicals is a local business operating in the Oak City of Raleigh, North Carolina. We were born out of my own love of herbalism and using natural products. As a child I often mixed around my lotions and hair products to improve them. I later fell in love with aromatherapy and natural health. From there I began learning and creating my own recipes. It wasn't until around 2010 that I became serious about crafting hair and body butters. Through encouragement from loved ones I decided to sale at the local flea markets. I began crafting a body butter that was a local hit.  Natural by Nature was the company and "Jai Hair & Body Butter" became popular around town.  It was a rich whipped shea butter with a mixture exotic oils & butters. It worked great for troubled skin.  I was even able to treat my niece & nephews skin with the butter and their eczema begin to heal with in 3 days!   

After taking a break for a few years I had a vision/dream of another company and decided to name it Rosemary & Hemp Botanicals.  I decided to start back crafting and I would like to welcome you to our site.  

I specialize in handcrafted, organic, small batch herbal blends... 

My mission is to promote self care, self love and wellness through the timeless tradition of using herbs. I offer a selection of herbal infused body oils body butters, body scrubs, lip balms, herbal teas, herbal tinctures/tonics, supplements, herb infused honey and spices.

Thank you,


"My goal is to craft solutionary products that promote preventative health & wellness"