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Rosemary & Hemp LLC

Herbs, Self care & Wellness

We specialize in handcrafted, organic, small batch herbal blends... Our mission is to promote self care & self love through the timeless tradition of using herbs. And of course increasing wellness along our journey.  We offer a selection of herbal infused body oils, body butters, body scrubs, lip balms, herbal teas, herbal tinctures, supplements, herbal butters, spices etc. 

~Rosemary & Hemp Botanicals

YES WE ARE REBRANDING, Rosemary & Hemp has a new look....

Why Herbs?

From the earliest times, herbs have been valued for their pain-relieving and therapeutic abilities. Today we still rely on the healing properties of plants in about 75% of our medicines. Here at Rosemary & Hemp Botanicals we offer herbal blends to help maintain wellness and offer preventative care. 

The ability of herbs to affect the bodies systems depends on it's chemical constituents also known as the herbs vital intelligence or energetics. As early as the 18th century scientists first started extracting and isolating chemicals from plants and herbs. And today we still use that same knowledge to craft skin and body care products to maintain and promote healthy bodies.  

"Using plants is merely facilitating a biochemical conversation which is often far beyond our comprehension and our understanding." ~Bevin Clare 

"In general, the human body is much better suited to treatment with herbal remedies than with isolated chemical medicines. We have evolved side -by-side with plants over hundreds of thousands of years, and our digestive system and physiology as a whole are geared to digesting and utilizing plant-based foods, which often have a medicinal value as well as providing sustenance." ~ Andrew Chevallier (Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine) 


Customer's Feedback

My Calendula & Lavender Body Butter was everything. After a long week I took some time to do some selfcare.  I enjoyed your butter, it moisturizes so well I don't have to use it everyday. I usually shower and apply the body butter every other day. Thank you for this awesome product!

AL -Raleigh, NC